F1 Season Wrap with PlanetF1.com's Editor Mark Scott

As Formula 1 draws the curtains on the 2023 season, we sat down with PlanetF1.com's Editor Mark Scott to dive into the title's activity, performance success and highlights.

Mark joined the Planet Sport network in 2013 originally to talk football with TEAMTalk and Football365. He then found his home at PlanetF1.com as Deputy Editor, and officially became Editor in 2021.

Mark, PlanetF1.com delivered impressive exclusives this season, really making people sit up and take notice on the title. How has this been achieved, and which one was the most impactful in your opinion?

Earning FIA accreditation ahead of the F1 2023 season was a major milestone moment for PlanetF1.com and that has helped unlock a whole new world of opportunities. 

Then Sam Cooper’s exclusive with Red Bull boss Christian Horner set a new standard for the site. Landing an interview of this magnitude in our first season with FIA accreditation is a huge achievement that we all should be very proud of.

All of this solidified our position as one of the biggest F1 sites in the world, enabling us to become serious contenders for traffic top-spot, competing even with the official Formula 1 site.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner 'then vs now' image.

Christian Horner: Past and present from PlanetF1.com's exclusive interview.

The new Las Vegas GP sparked a lot of controversy: the location itself, its live audience and the track’s foibles. How difficult is being reactive to unexpected moments in sport - i.e. manhole-cover-gate - and how much does it pay off when you get it right?

You are never too far away from chaos in F1 so you always have to stay switched on and be ready to pounce when situations like Las Vegas present themselves.

It can be difficult to stay calm in these high-pressure moments but we have the experience and know-how in place to be able to excel. When there is chaos, there is opportunity, and it is a challenge we all fully embrace.

Which was your favourite race to cover this season and why? 

This is why the first Las Vegas Grand Prix was such a personal highlight. It was a big step into the unknown but the team’s creative spark still shone through.

Everyone can cover what has happened, but not everybody can cover the how and why. Through our news coverage and carefully curated original pieces during the crazy Las Vegas Grand Prix, it showcased the strength of the PlanetF1.com team. 

Max Verstappen stands head and shoulders above the competition on the Formula 1 podium.Max Verstappen stands head and shoulders above the rest atop the Formula 1 podium.

Killjoy or joy to watch - how has Verstappen/Red Bull domination affected PlanetF1.com’s coverage, potential audience and content output?

Killjoy for sure! We all still wistfully speak of the 2021 season when interest in F1 really peaked, but ever since then it’s been difficult for everyone associated with the sport to keep fans engaged.  

It gives us immense satisfaction to have been able to grow our audience despite that lack of wider interest really, but it all goes back to the fantastic job our team have done to keep finding those stories that get people talking. Hopefully next season there’ll be plenty more of them!

PlanetF1.com recently welcomed accomplished motorsport journalist Elizabeth Blackstock to the team. How important is it to keep evolving your line-up and bringing in new voices?

It is one of F1’s most-used cliches but there is huge amount of truth to the phrase: ‘If you are standing still, then you are going backwards.’

Continuous development is imperative to future success and Elizabeth’s arrival will take us to new heights through her excellent writing, supreme motorsport knowledge and her passion for storytelling.

What can we expect from F1 itself and PlanetF1.com in 2024?

From F1, probably more of the same Max Verstappen and Red Bull dominance! I don't think it will be as one-sided as the F1 2023 season but it is still hard to see anyone else being capable of knocking them off their perch.

For PlanetF1.com, it’s all about continuing to build the momentum. More races on the ground, more exclusives and more amazing success stories to be able to share with everyone.

Thanks Mark. We look forward to seeing what PlanetF1.com has in store for 2024.


The new F1 season kicks off on 29th February but make sure you stay in touch in the meantime with PlanetF1.com for all the news around new cars, the teams and drivers going for glory in 2024.