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Our mission and our fine people.

Entertain & engage. Every day.

We’re a bunch of bright and versatile people, totally focused on improving the consumption of sports and entertainment.

We work hard to create and produce highly-engaging, exciting experiences that we're proud to put our name to.

We've got creativity, humour and enthusiasm by the bundle - and always go the extra mile. That’s because we’re a great team who truly love doing what we do.



Sarah Winterburn

Editor, Football365

Matt Stead

Deputy Editor

Joe Williams

News Editor, Football365

Ian Watson

Journalist, Football365

Will Ford

Journalist, Football365

Jason Soutar

Journalist, Football365

Lewis Oldham

Journalist, Football365

David Tickner

Journalist, Football365

Mark Scott


Michelle Foster

News Editor,

Henry Valantine

Homepage Co-Ordinator,

Sam Cooper


Jamie Woodhouse

News Writer,

Thomas Maher



James Marshment

Editor, TEAMtalk

Samuel Bannister

Journalist, TEAMtalk

Steve Pearson

Journalist, TEAMtalk

James Holland

Journalist, TEAMtalk

Rob McCarthy

Journalist, TEAMtalk

Nathan Egerton

Features Writer, TEAMtalk

Planet Rugby

Adam Kyriacou

Editor, Planet Rugby

Colin Newboult

Journalist, Planet Rugby

David Skippers

Journalist, Planet Rugby

James While

Journalist, Planet Rugby

Dylan Coetzee

Journalist, Planet Rugby

Jared Wright

Journalist, Planet Rugby

Planet Football

Nestor Watach

News Editor, Planet Football

Michael Lee

Features Editor, Planet Football

Ben Stewart

Content Creator, Planet Football

Love Rugby League

James Gordon

Editor, Love Rugby League

Drew Darbyshire

Deputy Editor, Love Rugby League

Josh McAllister

Journalist, Love Rugby League


Shahida Jacobs

Editor, Tennis365

Kevin Palmer

Journalist, Tennis365

James Richardson

Journalist, Tennis365

Publishing Operations

Mark Holmes

Head of Publishing

Peter Staunton

Football Project Manager

Susan Reay

Business Development Director

Andrew Swires

Commercial Manager

Sam Martin

Account Executive

Betting Operations

David Lynn

Betting Marketing Specialist

Andy Morgan

International Content Specialist

Daniel Jarrett

Marketing Executive

Simon Wilkes

Head of Syndication

Scott Allen


Matthew Briggs


Seb Sternik


Ad Operations

Angie Singh

Head of Revenue Operations

Ivana Gromuk

Revenue Operations Manager

Sushma Veggalam

Account Manager

Product & Development

Joanna Harrison

Head of Project Management

Patrick Mallam

Head of Sports Data

Bruce Dou

Development Specialist

Monique Wolfaardt-Miller

Operations Manager

Saqib Ahmed

Project Manager

Naveed Iqbal

Senior Architecture Lead

Ashar Ubaid

Network Engineer

Muhammad Haseeb

Senior PHP Developer

Mirza Yasir

Senior PHP Developer

Aaqib Khan

Senior Software Engineer

Talha Bilal

Software Engineer

Hassan Sajjad

Software Engineer

Nasir Niaz

Software Engineer

Waqar Khan

Software Engineer

Bilal Hanif

Software Engineer

Marketing, Strategy & Design

Alex Gaimster

BI Analyst

Matt Balcers

Head of Brand & Product

Rick Stead

Head of Product Design & UX

Adam Lowe

Senior Experience Designer

Dan Jones


Luke Maitland


Lucy Lee



Tim Satchell

Managing Director, Publishing

Mike Grenham

Managing Director, Betting

David Morris

Managing Director, Partners

George Odysseos

Chief Commercial Officer

Andy Roberts

Chief Marketing Officer

Nik Keene

Chief Product Officer

Angela Jarrett

Chief Operations Officer

Barrie Jarrett

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Legg