TEAMtalk’s Guide to Captivating Transfer Window Coverage

As the January transfer window nears its close, we spoke with James Marshment, Editor of TEAMtalk, to explore how the transfer-specialist platform brings together the best content during this busy and exciting time. 

James, how does TEAMtalk approach content creation and publication during the transfer windows?   

We genuinely take a holistic approach to reporting transfer stories and like to think we offer our readers a unique experience.  

To explain more, TEAMtalk not only follows major transfers right from their inception through to completion, but we'll also report on what the game's big-name pundits are saying, as well as how each transfer may impact both buying and selling clubs. 

We, as a team of dedicated writers and transfer correspondents, have also worked hard to establish TEAMtalk as the number 1 home of everything transfer-related. 

TEAMtalk has a rich history of covering transfer windows, right from its launch in the early 1990s. How has the title developed its approach since then?  

TEAMtalk has evolved greatly over the years, and I'd like to think that it has played its part in fuelling a worldwide obsession with transfer speculation.  

Initially we covered transfer news on premium-rate phone lines, but with the spawning of the world-wide web in the mid-to-late 90s, our business model has focused almost exclusively on digital channels.  

The age of smart phones means people want and can get access to our news frequently and freely and we’re able to meet that always-on need and present ourselves as the 'home of football transfers' for good reason.  

We've also produced and been involved in many podcasts, radio, and video shows over the years. We have a strong presence across social media, so many of our writers are often in demand for appearances on those channels. 

Publishers, content creators and social media personalities, such as Fabrizio Romano, are tirelessly competing for coverage for an entire month during the transfer window. How does TEAMtalk manage to stay ahead of the competition? 

Competition has never been stronger, as you say, but TEAMtalk's comprehensive coverage of the biggest stories, as well as having transfer correspondents with close access to both clubs and agents, has given us great insight that you just cannot find elsewhere.  

Our content will also set you straight and explain why a transfer can, or cannot, happen with true expert opinion and analysis. 

How do you think the January transfer window differs from the summer transfer window in terms of club strategies? How does this affect TEAMtalk’s approach and output?  

The summer transfer window is busier by design simply because it's a longer window than the January one and most clubs do budget for summer acquisitions, rather than mid-season ones.  

The January window is notoriously difficult for top clubs to land on big targets as selling clubs are reluctant to cash in mid-season. 

But there are plenty of variables than can affect all the above and you can rest assured that TEAMtalk is across all the angles.  

From our point of view, there is still plenty of news out there and numerous things to report on. That's the same in between windows too because, while windows may only be open for a period, clubs are drawing up their plans, weeks and months in advance too. 

From your perspective, which clubs have been the most active and successful in recent windows?  

I've enjoyed watching Arsenal's transfer strategy come to the fore in recent years with Edu and Arteta making a deliberate ploy of targeting the game's top young stars, all of whom may have been bought for big fees, but also whom one day will likely reap a profit. And when they have spent big - take Declan Rice - it's been rewarded and justified on the pitch. 

On the flipside, Chelsea have spent money like it's going out of fashion, yet still - somehow - have a squad which has far too many holes in it for a club that has spent over £1bn across the three previous windows. 

Which clubs or players really need a good window?  

Simple answer: Manchester United. They're badly underperforming and are yet to see much of, if any, return on their three major summer investments.  

That said, and for all their troubles, I expect only minor changes this month with much of their business saved for the summer. But come next season, I think they'll be in a much better place as a club. 

Who are the young, emerging talents that you see to be the stars of this transfer window? Why are they generating interest?  

Tough question, but I think Tottenham's signing of Radu Drǎgușin is a good one and he has all the attributes needed to succeed in the Premier League. At just 21, he's a player who is very much on the up and should thrive under Ange Postecoglou. 

We also might see PSG's Hugo Ekitike move to the Premier League too. He's been like a caged tiger in Paris, failing to get a chance given their vast array of world talent. But I think if he does move to the Premier League, the 21-year-old will have a big point to prove.... 


Thank you, James. 


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