International Women's Day: A Spotlight on Tennis365 Editor, Shahida Jacobs

To mark International Women's Day 2024 we want to shine a spotlight on a few of the inspirational women shaping the present and future of Planet Sport.

We spoke with Shahida Jacobs about her role and female figures that inspire her in the industry.

Hi Shahida, please could you give us a summary of what you do here at Planet Sport and what your day-to-day role involves. 

I am the editor of and my role is to keep the website and our social media channels ticking over with quality news, interesting features and off-beat content.

The role also comes with a bit of admin and guiding junior colleagues.

What led you to pursue a career in the industry and what do you find most fulfilling about your role? 

As a life-long sports enthusiast, it was an easy career path to follow as there are few things more satisfying than writing about sport for a living. I joined the Tennis365 team before the website was launched and it has been pleasing to see it grow from zero readers to a go-to website for many tennis fans.

Are there any female figures in the industry that you admire or draw inspiration from? Who are they and why do they inspire you? 

Close to home and within the Planet Sport network, I have had a long journey with News Editor Michelle Foster and have learned a lot from her over the years about working in the male-dominated Formula 1 industry.

There is also The Guardian’s Marina Hyde, who is not afraid to tell it like it is. 

Looking ahead, what are your professional goals and aspirations, and how do you plan to achieve them?

The immediate goal is to take Tennis365 to the next level and turn it from *a* go-to website to *the* go-to website for tennis enthusiasts across the world.

What I have learned over the past six years is that incremental gains are key to growing a website.

As for the long-term, I would love to work on a website that focuses only on women’s sport!

Thank you, Shahida. We're looking forward for what's to come for Tennis365!