Tipstrr: A Window into our Flourishing Betting Tips Marketplace

There is an incredibly exciting year of sport ahead. The Australian Open is up and running; the Six Nations and the F1 season both get underway in February; and of course,  Euro 2024 kicks off in June.

There’s an almost wonderfully overwhelming amount of sport for betting punters to sink their teeth into in 2024. Titles across the Planet Sport network will be covering it all, but none more so than our tipping marketplace Tipstrr. 

We spoke with Tipstrr’s Managing Director, Damien Fearn, to get his thoughts on what’s to come this year. 

Tipstrr has been enjoying steady growth since it joined Planet Sport a year ago and posted a record month in December. Tell us about the journey in the last twelve months. 

We joined the Planet Sport network in early 2023, and after the initial bedding in process it’s been a very strong year. We were able to expose Tipstrr to audience sizes we’d not previously experienced being a niche platform and learned a lot about the publishing side of things too. 

From integrating a new payment provider, launching new partnerships and introducing new revenue streams, and much more we’ve seen the potential of Tipstrr grow significantly. 

We see opportunities for growth everywhere and we’ve got a lot planned for 2024. 

The betting and gaming industry is a highly competitive and rapidly moving market. How do you ensure Tipstrr stands out from the crowd? 

I think that we stand out by staying true to our principles. The company was founded to try and add some transparency to a part of the betting industry that was anything but transparent.  

Our goal has been to help educate sports bettors and increase their chances of making profits from sports betting. The tools we’ve built  - and are building - are centred around this goal. 

Our key difference compared to our competitors is our product offering. Our Lead Developer Mark Rees has played a vital part in making what we do scalable. Without the strong back end and data focus, we’d not be able to scale as we have over the past twelve months.  

The convergence of content and betting is one of the hottest topics in the betting and gaming industry right now. How is Tipstrr leveraging Planet Sport’s published content to help users make more informed betting decisions? 

Companies are looking at ways to stand out from the crowd, and great content is certainly a way to do that. Some bookmakers have excellent brand recognition, with more than twenty years of reputation behind them.  

New bookmakers struggle to compete with that, so great content is a great way to get noticed. Planet Sport Bet are leading the charge with heaps of cool and innovative content, as are some other newer brands. 

For us at Tipstrr, everything we do is content – the verified tips, insights and stats we have for thousands of tipsters  - and millions of tips - allows us to share content throughout the network that isn’t available to others. In turn, this helps our reputation as a place with great betting tips and content. 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 12.31.39
Above: A look at the Tipstrr marketplace.

You’re planning to launch the enhanced-features version of Tipstrr early in 2024. What features can punters expect to see? 

We’re launching Tipstrr Pro in Q1 and think it will offer something that’s not offered in the tipster world. It’s something we’ve wanted for a while and has been on our ‘wish list’ since very early on in our journey.  

We’ve spoken in depth with our users over the past couple of months to see where the major pain points have been with our product offering. We’ve listened to the good and the bad and taken it on board. Tipstrr Pro is the result. 

Punters can expect to see a membership that offers more value than ever, and an unrivalled level of flexibility that will make being a Tipstrr Pro member very interesting – and easy. 

We have even more features planned for our Pro members, but they’re being kept under wraps for now... 

Aside from the launch of Tipstrr Pro, what’s really exciting you in the world of sport right now? 

The way the Premier League is shaping up this season is great. With so many teams in contention at this stage it should shape up to be one of the best seasons I can remember.

Whether Villa can maintain their form remains to be see, and despite not being convincing so far, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Man City go on a strong run. It should be a great watch for the fans though. And after that we’ve got the Euros!  

A great year of football ahead – provided we can sort VAR... 

Thanks Damien. 


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